Cooper’s Pond

Cooper’s Pond with Cooper’s Mill in the background.

Today was a stressful day. I could have sworn it was a Monday by the way it was going. Thankfully, it wasn’t. I’ve been wanting to officially start my blog and needed motivation. Let me tell you, stress can motivate you in ways you never imagined!

After work, I headed to my hometown of Bergenfield, NJ. As a kid, I remember going to Cooper’s Pond a handful of times, heard rumors of the “lethal snapping turtles,” and the hot spot for prom pictures.

As I entered the gates, I observed how quiet and peaceful it was already. I immediately saw the September 11th Memorial Rock with the names of 4 residents who perished on that terrible day. I said a little prayer for them and thought to myself that my day was nothing compared to what these people endured.

From there, I rounded the corner and there it was: a beautiful, yet dirty, rippling pond, a gazebo that goes out over the water, 2 people fishing, the Cooper Mill in the background, and quite a few female ducks on the grassy portion in front of me.

I started snapping pictures like I was a tourist. Then I got weirded out when a guy got up from in front of the bushes, laying down in front of the pond. I power walked as fast as my flip-flopped feet would take me. I was worried about being creepy? I digress…

The gazebo.

Unfortunately, you cannot walk around the entire perimeter; you can only walk in a horse-shoe path. Heading back the other way, towards Cooper Mill, the pathway has bricks of family names on it. I remembered back in 1994, my family purchased a brick for the town’s centennial celebration and decided to look for it with no such luck.


Pathway of bricks with family names, memorials, etc.

This is truly a peaceful place to go to and relax. I now realize why the man was lying on the ground, as I would have too!

2 thoughts on “Cooper’s Pond

  1. That picture of the gazebo with the weeping willow tree is STUNNING. Your description makes me feel like I’m there. Can’t wait to follow the rest of your adventures! xoxo

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