African American Baptist Church Cemetery

This past October, I was doing some research on places to visit (maybe I’ll write up a post telling where I get my sources from?), I came across the African American Baptist Church Cemetery, or Old Slave Cemetery, as it is listed in some places. I never knew this place existed and I lived in Bergenfield basically all my life. I am having a hard time finding information on the internet about the cemetery, the founder, and church, so I may do a revisit after going to the Bergenfield Public Library to find out information.

The cemetery, decorated with a blue historical marker plaque, is located on a narrow, dead end street behind the PAL fields. The area is maintained by the local chapter of the Boy Scouts. Unfortunately, no headstones exist anymore, so I felt it would be disrespectful to walk through the “field” and take pictures, as I don’t know if I’d be stepping on someone’s grave. (Maybe I’m superstitious…definitely am.)

Just a little view.

Blogger’s note: I can’t help, but feel appreciative that a former slave would reside here and create a place of worship. I can only imagine and read about slaves’ struggles, horrors, and hardships, but as a descendant of family who were in work camps during WWII, I find this site to be extremely emotional. I truly wish and hope one day something can be done to find the remains and give the proper headstones back, after determining who is buried in this area. They deserve the utmost respect because of their journey.

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