Old South Churchyard

On a humid day like today, I thought it would be nice to post when I visited the Old South Church and Churchyard on a brisk October afternoon.

It is right next to Cooper’s Pond on the corner of Prospect Avenue and Church Street in Bergenfield. Founded in 1723, this site is part of the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The churchyard holds the final resting places of many of the founding families in Bergen County, for example, the Demarests, the Ackermans, the Westervelts, and the Christies, to name a few.

Unfortunately, there are a numerous amount of headstones that you simply cannot read due to weather or vandals. The earliest burial I was able to find through my pictures was 1802. I’m actually not sure when the first burial was in the yard, but many older headstones are to the right of the church (if you are facing it). There are some fairly recent burials, so I presume it is an active yard still. I found that I have a relative buried here, so I was on a mission to find her grave. Thankfully, I was able to.

South Presbyterian Church is still extremely active. The church website shows when mass is, as well as community activities with and for the congregation. Viewing the website, I can tell the parishioners have a deep sense of pride and religion. In fact, on the day I visited, a smiling groundskeeper was raking and mowing the churchyard. It is extremely well-kept.

Historic Marker

Historic Marker

068066 073 086 109 118 117 114

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