Binghamton Ferry Restaurant

The Binghamton Ferry used to transport passengers across the Hudson River from Manhattan and Hoboken between 1905 and 1967. She was moved from Hoboken to Edgewater, where she was turned into a nightclub/restaurant in 1975. The restaurant closed its doors for good in late 2007. The ferry was added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 9, 1982.

However, it has greatly deteriorated since the doors have closed. There are several articles stating demolition was in the near future in 2011, despite its position on the National Register. In 2012, Superstorm Sandy reduced the ferry into a further state of ruin, by ripping apart parts of the ship and further sinking her into the mud of the Hudson. There are some amazingly sad, yet beautiful pictures I came across on Flickr of her state after the storm.

I now present her state as of June 2014…

Spring 2014 150

Spring 2014 153

Spring 2014 164

Spring 2014 161

Spring 2014 169

Spring 2014 172

Spring 2014 162

Spring 2014 163

Spring 2014 178

Spring 2014 182

Spring 2014 156

One thought on “Binghamton Ferry Restaurant

  1. Wow; what a shame!

    I remember that I was supposed to go to a wedding reception there in my teens, which had to be canceled because of bad weather. Makes me sad to see how low it has fallen in the years since.

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