Devil’s Tower

Nestled in the middle of a few mansions on The Esplanade in Alpine is the Weird NJ famous Devil’s Tower. Legend claims this site is haunted by a woman or by the devil, himself. Whether you believe the legend or not, physically, it is a clock and observation tower.

True story: the estate owner of Rio Vista was Manuel Rionda who was a sugar baron. His wife, Harriet, wanted to see New York City, so he had this tower built for her in 1910. She passed away in 1922 of natural causes. Simple story, right?

Legend (maybe even true story): Take the first 2 sentences from the true story above. Now add this: One day, Mrs. Rionda was observing more than NYC. She observed her husband having an affair with another woman. She was so distraught, that she took her own life by jumping off the tower. Mr. Rionda feared the ghost of his scored wife would haunt him, so he ceased any further construction on the tower.

Update to legend of fairly present time: If you drive around the tower backwards, Mrs. Rionda will appear or the devil will. There are discrepancies with how many times you have drive around it that vary from 3 to 13. Also you see a full body apparition or a mist. There aren’t any concrete stories on this. It was also said that satanic cults would have ceremonies at this site at some point.

Bottom line: It’s an old tower. Windows are boarded up, tall gates prevent anyone from entering and climbing up the tower, “No Stopping or Standing” signs have been posted, and cameras are all around.

You be the judge of how you feel about this place. If you’ve had legitimate experiences here, I’d love to hear about it! I kind of just feel this is an old, beautiful tower that got misunderstood.

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