Princeton Cemetery

The Princeton Cemetery of Nassau Presbyterian Church was established in 1757. It is the final resting place of 1 U.S. president and 1 U.S. vice president, various New Jersey politicians, Princeton University’s VIPs, and many more. It is also known as “The Westminster Abbey of the United States.” The official website provides a list of well-known folk who are buried, as well a map of the entire cemetery. The cemetery is located at 29 Greenview Avenue in Princeton, so put that into your GPS and head out!

My friend and I set out early in the morning this past July. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we saw most of the cemetery from the street, thinking it would be a great visit and we’d be out of there in a decent time. Time stood still in that cemetery because I believe we were there approximately 2 hours and we hadn’t even seen the entire cemetery. It was so incredibly hot and bright, we definitely missed a lot. Plans are to go back, now that Fall has arrived.

Okay, got a little side tracked; back to the finds! There are a lot of the Stockton family buried there, along with relatives who bear the Stockton name down the line. Since I am still a newbie at my newly discovered love for cemeteries (not an official taphophile yet!), I have always seen decent order of how headstones were set up: even rows with families, family plots, a square of family members. This cemetery has sections where it appears to have some sort of order, then chaos surrounds the order. It almost reminds me of the cemeteries in New Orleans! Where to look? What to see next? I’m sure I have missed quite a bit, aside from the horrendous sun glare. When you visit, be prepared in certain sections to feel almost overwhelmed at what to look at first and hope you don’t miss anything.

You will find beautiful works of Victorian era symbolism, Freemason symbols (would be surprised if there weren’t any!), just a few amazing monuments (Paul Tulane’s especially), intricately detailed headstones, and lots of great quotes on headstones. It really is a treasure and I really cannot wait to go back!

Be sure to keep an eye open for Aaron Burr’s, Grover Cleveland, and an actual white oak tree that was just from an acorn planted into the ground in 1984! Also, may be someone can help- I can’t seem to find any names as to who is buried within a rusted gated area. You’ll see the picture below.




Paul Tulane: Founder of The Tulane University of New Orleans.


Who is buried here?


Read about this description here:


I get overly excited seeing zinc headstones. Especially one of this size!


“My father moved through dooms of love.”


I sincerely apologize for this picture. It was so incredibly bright, I didn’t realize I had cut off the top!

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