Old Mill Bathing Beach

Old Mill Bathing Beach. Nobody ever goes in, and nobody every comes out.

I passed this gem way back when I went to Bergen Community College, also on Paramus Road in Paramus. From what I can find, it was a pretty popular place to cool off in the 60s and 70s, instead of going down the shore. Hurricane Floyd hit the area in 1999 pretty hard, and was the beach’s demise. Remember that one episode of “The Sopranos” where Tony and  Big Pussy take Matthew Bevilaqua to the snack bar to get “whacked?” That was here!

Fast forward 2014. November. Cold. Brr. Yup, I went there. It is now all fenced up with a few “Private Property No Trespassing” signs. When I passed this place a year ago, the growth of weeds wasn’t as much as it is now. I’m not sure who is taking care of the property, but the small grassy area seems to be mowed otherwise. When walking around, there are broken bottles and glass, sticks, and pieces of wood (I thought, jokingly, driftwood). Oh and a chainsaw on the roof of the little building, because, well, because. Had my nephew not been with me, I might have tried to explore a little inside, but I didn’t want to put him in any danger. Anyways, I figured I was visiting during the day and staying on the outer perimeter where I can be seen, so I couldn’t really get in trouble for trespassing.

I promise in 2015 to do more research and go to libraries, as the internet is always the most reliable source. Until then, I leave you with some pictures for your visual enjoyment.












2 thoughts on “Old Mill Bathing Beach

  1. Nice pictures, I hung out at the old mill every day. I grew up with the owners sons. Believe it or not I was there when we threw the chainsaw on the roof. I don’t know if you’ve seen the old mill but as of 2/9/16 every building has been knocked down and construction is underway for an assisted living facility.

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