Harold Hess Lustron House

Hello everyone! So we meet again. Sure has been a long time. This winter was brutal between the below-freezing temps, snow, and ice. Relieved we have been thawed out and adventures will ensue. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to do more research, but I have been failing in that area. I really enjoy taking pictures though! So my blog may be more pictures and links.

Without any further ado, I bring the newest installment of the blog, which is the Harold Hess Lustron House located in Closter, NJ (Bergen County). This particular home is one of the few still remaining. After two articles written in The Record, it was announced the home was officially saved, despite being part of the National Register of Historic Places (it doesn’t always guarantee saving). The Borough of Closter acquired it in Fall of 2014 and preservation will ensue.

These prefabricated homes were built for vets returning from WWII, due to the shortage of homes. They are small, contain 2 or 3 bedrooms, and came in models named Westchester Standard, Westchester Deluxe, Newport, or Meadowbrook. One can choose from the colors of Surf Blue, Dove Gray, Maize Yellow, or Desert Tan.

By today’s standards, these look like sardine cans, basically. Many of them have already been demolished because they are very small, and today, most people want big, big, big. According to Wikipedia, there are 2 remaining in NJ. The other is in Alpine (which is right down the road). I definitely should find that one and compare!

I had visited in the beginning of February and below are pictures of pretty much what it looks like today (minus the snow!). I actually drove past today and there are beautiful azaleas in fuchsia and purple in bloom surrounding the side that faces Durie Avenue. Sorry I wasn’t able to snap a picture to add in. I’m curious to see what gets done to preserve this home and when.







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