Wortendyke Barn

Along Pasack Road in Park Ridge, you will find The Wortendyke Barn. The Wortendyke Barn was built by Frederick Wortendyke, as well as the house, which still stands across the street. He settled his family here at around the time of the American Revolution, where the farm was handed down from generation to generation. In 1972, the barn was listed under the New Jersey Register of Historic Places, and the following year, the National Register of Historic Places. Not only was it added to the NRHP in 1973, but also it was restored the same year. That brings it to being 200 years old at the time. Impressive to me.

Please note home is now a private home, so I will not share a picture of it, only the historical blue marker. However, the barn is a museum, which is open to the public on Sunday afternoons from noon to 4 p.m., April through October. Unfortunately, this was one of those unscheduled visits with my nephew in April, and it was before noon. We plan on going back.

Here’s good news though! If you visit off-season like we did, they maintain the property of the barn and there are signs explaining the history, the lineage, etc. of this historical site. That being said, I am unable to find anything on the internet showing upcoming events at the barn. All the websites that are listed are dead ends. We will just have to keep an eye open in local papers now, won’t we? If you happen to see an event, please feel free to contact me!










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