Washington Spring

It’s no surprise to you that I am a sucker for blue historic markers. I crane my neck in traffic to see them. This one, however, is slightly hidden. You can find it within Van Saun Park. If you park in Section D of this park in Paramus, you cross the road to find the sign. There’s a little path that winds down where you’ll find another sign and the spring. There are reports General George Washington, who became our first president, drank from there. Can someone please Photoshop him into one of these pictures? Yes, I’m all about history, but this one makes me chuckle a little bit. Just seems a little silly to have a marker where someone in history may or may not have had a sip of water. Reminds me of the eBay item of a reported cup of water that Elvis left behind.

If you happen to be in this park or visit the zoo, check it out. It’s not a big site to see, but still worth it.




Sorry! It was so bright and so many shadows.





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