Union Cemetery Part 1

This will be a 2 part post. Maybe even more! My better camera battery had inexplicably died. I had to use my backup camera, but it doesn’t take as good of pictures. Plus, by the time my friend and I visited this cemetery, we were losing daylight. I didn’t even get a picture of the beautiful archway as you enter the cemetery (there is no street parking)!

With this all said, welcome to Union Cemetery in Hackettstown. Per Historic Hackettstown‘s website, it was established in 1857. There is not much information about the history, but Find A Grave has quiet and extensive list of those who are buried here, if you are interested.

One particular person stands out (so far). Tillie Smith. Her story was such a sensational story of the time. On April 9, 1896, her raped and strangled body was found in a field. She was a domestic who worked for Centenary College, which is not that far from the cemetery. James Titus was convicted of her murder and did time in prison for it. I have done some internet research and read some conflicting information as to whether he really was guilty at all. I want to read this book to obtain another perspective about it. However, both Smith and Titus are buried in this cemetery, I found after research. I recall seeing his headstone, but didn’t take a picture, as I had no idea the significance at the time. As far as the monument (see below) goes, those who were moved by Tillie’s case, donated money to construct this tribute.

As usual, I leave you to view some of the pictures I have taken. I already plan on buying a second battery just in case, and to go back.









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