Pascack Reformed Church and Cemetery

On a beautiful April morning, I accidentally discovered this cemetery. I was driving around trying to find a different location and came across this one. I just had to stop! A beautiful, old church with an older looking cemetery attached? Why not!

Pascack Reformed Church was erected in 1813 and eventually added on over the years. You can read the entire history here on the official church website. The cemetery information can be found in this section of the website as well. However, the part where the Wortendyke Family Cemetery is mentioned made me curious. I don’t recall the cemetery being as big. Good, old Find A Grave to my rescue once more. There is an extension of the cemetery along this road (Pascack Road) somewhere. I find it interesting that remains were relocated to (hopefully again) be in eternal rest, African American veterans were buried in a smaller cemetery, and the American Indian Cemetery also lies here! According to the first link, the church is very interested in preservation, repairing, research, and another application for a second blue historic marker are going on. I’ll keep an eye out if there is any new information or if they start asking for volunteers.














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