Abandoned Sheds

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is still finding fun things to do on this cloudy, wanting-to-be-rainy day. I’ll bring you to sunshine.

On an exploration trip with one of my nephews, we visited a site and decided our stomachs needed to be filled. On our way to get breakfast, we saw this abandoned area, told our stomachs to be quiet for a little longer, and checked out the area. There was another car, but no one in sight. Not even any animals running around.

I wasn’t sure how safe it was to go inside these sheds, plus there were a lot of spiders- I don’t like them at all. They are near water and a gated area, so I’m not sure if it’s part of a property owned by the town? There were no “No Trespassing” signs posted either. Only took a few pictures, but still pretty cool nonetheless.







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