First Presbyterian Church

I bring you back to Hackettstown. Across the street from Old Presbyterian Burial Ground and Chapel is the church that started it all: First Presbyterian Church. It was founded in 1739 and boasts a plaque that says “Hackettstown Historic Property.” However, the church website says “founded in 1763.” Oh no, more confusion!

However, according to this article, the church celebrated 250 years as a congregation in 2013. I’m not sure what the 1739 on the outside of the church is for then. Either way, this is an amazing building. To think a congregation founded and grew, and is still very active…that’s astonishing. The church is extremely active and does a lot with the community. That’s a beautiful thing.

Whether is 1739 or 1763, here are pictures of the church with the beautiful, welcoming, red door.










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