Danville Presbyterian Church and Cemetery

This was the last cemetery my friend and I visited before it really got dark. The church is no longer functioning as a church, but as “Independence Hall” which serves as a senior center, located in Great Meadows (formerly Danville), which is part of Independence Township.

According to some internet sources, the first burial was in 1831, but I am unable to find when the last burial took place. The only reminder that this once was a church is a bell with “Meneelys’ West Troy, N.Y” stamped on it, along with “First Presbyterian Church Danville, N.J. 1864.” The church was built in 1824 and. remodeled in 1863 and 1930. Once again, I am unable to locate information, this time on when the church became defunct.

One headstone of note is of Rev. John Rosbrugh. It is said his remains truly are in the cemetery of First Presbyterian Church of Trenton, not here, or anywhere else for that matter. Why would several cemeteries claim to have it as his final resting place? No matter where he is buried, his headstone explains the story of his death.

Another thing I found interesting is quite a few Van Buskirks are buried here. Up here in Bergen County, that is a big name! There’s Van Buskirk Island in New Milford (yes, I will be posting about that soon!). I’m not sure if all the families are connected, but still interesting to me, nonetheless.

Oh and there’s a creepy headstone. Enjoy!

















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