Toby’s Cup

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to finally start another “series” in this blog. Legendary Eats! (Say that in your best Medieval Times commercial voiceover voice.) 

The first in this series, Toby’s Cup, has been featured in Weird NJ. My allegiance to the magazine and hot dogs made me want to come have a vote for a long time. When my friend moved to Phillipsburg, I excitedly told her about it. Finally, I got to try it!

The stand/hut…site is located on Route 22 and as Yelpers even say, you kind of have to fly into the lot so you don’t get rear-ended. It is very small inside. There were 7 adults and 2 children inside when I went in there, and it was too close for comfort. A small crowd formed outside the door shortly after. 

I got one with mustard and kraut and one that they’re apparently known for: chopped onions, mustard, and pickle wedges. No fries or onion rings are sold here, so there’s a nice variety chips to choose from. There’s also milkshakes, and I got chocolate! My little feast of 2 hot dogs and a shake came to less than $9, not bad. 

Since you can’t eat inside, you can sit outside at one of the few tables, your car, or bring it back home. My friend and I picked option C. When we got back to her home, I could not wait to try it! 

Now, I’m more of a dirty water dog kinda gal, but I do love Rutt’s Hut. I’m also still wanting to have Callahan’s again. So I had the kraut and mustard dog first. I’m used to the Rutt’s snap and this one didn’t have it. However, it was such a delicious hot dog! Reminded me of one you’d get off a grill at a barbecue, despite it being deep-fried. The chocolate shake helped cleanse the palette. I was slightly hesitant about getting a shake because ice cream and I aren’t always BFFs. This shake and I definitely because friends. It was drinkable without being too liquidy. And finally, the mustard, onion, and pickle dog. Wow. It was like having unorganized relish (new term!), but better. The onion was sweet, the mustard had a slight spice, and the pickle was briny without being too vinegary. Oh, I will have dreams about that one. 

I totally get why Toby’s has been around for a long time and hasn’t changed a thing. It’s a familiar place where you what you want and you know what you’re going to get. I look forward to having it again in the near future. 


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