In Grateful Remembrance

Hello everyone! Thank you for hanging around and bearing with me. I’m officially back, but still debating on how to handle the photo overload situation. I know I’m not a strong writer, but I sure do love taking pictures! Anywho, this was the last post I had written approximately 6 months ago that advised me I ran out of space for photos. I hope you enjoy and get ready for more posts to come.


This marker showed up as a nearby hit on HMDB and have always wondered where this place was until I visited Old North Church and Cemetery. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve passed this area!

It lies on the corner of Madison and Washington Avenues. On the HMDB website, the plaque contains the names of 125 soldiers of Dumont who served during WWI. Don’t forget, up the street is the circle and Monument that once was in the middle of Camp Merritt, which was in use during WWI as well.

There is almost always two floral wreaths standing boldly in front of this monument. The plaque states, “In grateful remembrance of the citizens of Dumont who nobly answered their country’s call to arms to fight in the Great War for Liberty and Democracy 1917-1919.” Underneath that is the list of names of soldiers. Then, underneath the list, “Along this road Washington and his army marched in our war for independence. Here during the World War more than a million American soldiers passed on their way to Camp Merritt for service overseas and on their return.”

Interesting! A) There are no other markers (that I know of) saying Washington’s troops were in Dumont and B) what I wrote about Camp Merritt was before I really looked at the inscription on the plaque carefully (yes, I’m a bad reader/blogger!). Just so fascinating! I know I’ve said several times that Bergen County is rich in Revolutionary War history, but it also has WWI history not many know about. (Side note: I’ve been meaning to take pictures at the circle up the road, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed in the middle of it for a closer look. Any police officers that read and might know?)


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