Alpine Cemetery

As I started my research, I found there is quite a bit on the internet about Alpine Cemetery in Perth Amboy. I feel I need to go there now. This particular Alpine Cemetery is in Alpine, NJ. It is actually located near Alpine Community Church and is directly across the road from Memorial Rock.

I was truly impressed by how many family plots there were and they were still pretty much intact! As the blue marker states (below is the picture!):

In 1822 William Gecox  bought 23 1/2 acres of land along the Closter Dock Road. By the 1860s he and his wife, Susan Helms, had begun to sell part of their land as burial plots to the neighbors (a small “burying ground” may have already existed here when Gecox first bought the property). Along with farmers, laborers, tradesmen, and their families, many of the men buried here had worked on the Hudson River as boatmen, pilots, and fishermen; others, like William Gecox, were quarrmen along the Palisades. By 1870 the village in “the Closter Mountan” had taken the name “Alpine.” In the 1890s, after William and Susan died, their children began to sell the remaining burial plots. Alpine Cemetery continued to be used into the twenty-first century.

Throughout the cemetery you will see a variety of symbols: flags, Amercan Lgion medallions, Odd Fellows symbols, and Free Masons symbols to name a few. Considering how small this cemetery is, it really possess a lot of history. I’m looking forward to going back. Just an FYI, I went July 4th weekend and there were lot of mosquitos and gnats…bring bug spray!



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