Hall Pass: Unknown New York State

It sure has been a long time since a Hall Pass post, no? This past November, I had gone with some girlfriends up to the Finger Lakes in New York State for a Wine Weekend. We were on our way to Castel Grisch Winery in Watkins Glen, when we saw 3 abandoned buildings, so we agreed we would check it out after we were done.

With nowhere to park, my friend pulled alongside onto the grass and we all got out. As we were walking towards a building, we heard loud banging sounds. Surprisingly, I didn’t stop or go back to the car; I walked towards where I heard the banging. Turns out, it was the metal roof flapping in the wind. That was a good laugh. So I walked around the buildings and it felt like I was miles away from my friends, from the road. Not surprisingly, I can’t seem to find anything online, but then again, I’m not sure what I’m looking for. Abandoned church? Abandoned buildings? Is this even Watkins Glen? If anyone knows about this site, please let me know because I’m extremely curious. The last photo was one I did a screen shot of on my phone where you can clearly see it from above.


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