Rosedale Cemetery

On November 1, 2015, a.k.a. All Saints’ Day, Montclair Historical Society held their first tour of Rosedale Cemetery. This cemetery is quite historic-founded in 1840. For the detailed history, please check their history page and don’t forget to see who the Notable People are as well.

I really cannot believe how large this cemetery is! I’ve been wanting to go back to Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia again, but why go there (who am I kidding?) when there’s an equally beautiful cemetery 40 minutes away? The tour was quite amazing too. We drove around to different points of interest in the cemetery where a MHS volunteer directed us to specific graves and gave information about the person who rests there.

As previously stated, please check out the Notable People link on the cemetery website, because it’s quite amazing how many people are buried there. Quite a few pharmaceutical company founding families, Charles Edison (Thomas’s son), and Wilfred Funk (the man who puts the “Funk” in Funk & Wagnalls) to name a few. One of the most exciting monuments was the “Mother” monument/statue as featured in Weird NJ. I think my eyes glazed over and I drooled for a moment when I saw it. The only negative part was this one guy who was being so disrespectful. He kept trying to upright headstones that have fallen over (WHY!?) and then there was a statue of an angel he felt the need to go up to and squeeze its hand (WHY AGAIN!?). I was about to say something, but he either realized I was boring holes into his head with my eyes, or just gave up on being an idiot. Just wanted to share that little part because I have my own strict rules for myself to be respectful and smart in cemeteries.

I see there will be another tour on October 30th and I certainly hope I will be able to make it. Maybe because I absolutely love Fall, the cemetery seemed more beautiful with all the leaves changing colors and the scent of leaves in the air. I highly recommend visiting this cemetery if you have an afternoon to stroll around. And side note: I’m going to try to get some other MHS events to blog about. Montclair is such a pretty town on its own.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the eye candy.

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