Closter Dock Road Marker

This marker stands in front of Alpine Community Church in Alpine. It says:

“Laid out in 1761 by New York over an earlier route when that province claimed jurisdiction in this area. Used by troops during the Revolutionary War, the road led from Closter to Closter Dock on the Hudson where farm produce was shipped to New York City markets. 1805 and 1854 road improvements led an active waterfront community. Later it was the western terminus of Yonkers Ferry. World War I soldiers marched down the road to be ferried to troop transports.”

This sounds a little familiar right? At least the WWI soldiers bit. Did a little Googling and found that soldiers stationed at Camp Merritt (remember this post too? In Grateful Remembrance) actually did march down (or up because it’s on a hill) this road to reach the troop transport to their designated location. Also, remember my post about Huyler’s Landing Road? Depending on how the roads went back in the day, you can see on a modern day map that both roads kind of run parallel to each other and run towards the same place (9W and the Palisades).

With all the mansions and large homes, it’s crazy to think Revolutionary War soldiers and WWI soldiers marched down the road, as well as farmers gathering crops to bring across the Hudson and make a living. Well, enjoy this single picture.


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