Red Mill Museum Village

Last summer, the Red Mill Museum Village in Clinton was holding a Ghost and Folklore Tour (I see they are holding it again this year!). It was a tour mainly in the Mill and then the outbuildings, not including the quarry on site.

As it sounds, volunteers gave the history of the Mill and outbuildings, then my favorite stuff: ghosts! If you don’t believe in them, that’s fine. If you don’t want to read my blog anymore because I believe in them (with healthy skepticism), that’s fine too. Whether these stories were true or not, they were still pretty cool to hear. I didn’t take any pictures inside, but it’s on my long list of to-dos to get back in there.

Roll your eyes if you’d like, or skip ahead, but my friend and I had experiences. I had more of “something is here” and my friend actually had what she described as a tingling feeling in her hand and as we left, it started dissipating.

My only complaint was one of the volunteers told the stories with so little enthusiasm and basically disbelieved in everything. To me, you’d need to be believable or at least pretend to believe in the stories for it to be more exciting. Lost a little of the chill-factor.

Afterwards, my friend and I walked around in the immediate area of the Museum Village in Clinton. What a great town! It’s that quaint little town with a coffee shop and cheese shop! Again with my “feelings” is I got such warm vibes in the town. As I type this blog post, I am texting with my friend and we are making plans to visit again.



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