The First Presbyterian Church of Oxford at Hazen & Graveyard

You know me and my cemeteries. I find I still spend the same amount of time I normally would in each cemetery, but take less pictures. Most headstones are the same if you visit graveyards which were founded in the same timeframe. I didn’t take a whole lot of headstone pictures, but the church was so pretty.

The church website is not functioning, so had to dig a little further and really review my pictures as well. The wooden sign outside the church says the church was founded in 1744. Since some of the headstones are no longer legible, I’m not quite sure if the graveyard is dated to then as well. There are numerous Rev War soldiers buried here along with at least one War of 1812 soldier.

It was a little difficult to take pictures right in front the church, as there was no sidewalk and a grassy, narrow hill. Too many cars were passing for me to attempt a picture from across the street. Or I was lazy to do it. As I worked my way around the graveyard, there was an overwhelming stench of animal waste. I got to the top of a little hill and found where it was coming from. A group of cows were looking at me from across the street. Thought it was kind of cute, so I took a picture. What can I say? I live in an area where there are no farms and this amuses me!

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