Cornelius Low House

Built in 1741, the Cornelius Low House (also known as Ivy Hall) sits on River Road in Piscataway. It was the home of a wealthy merchant, Cornelius Low, Jr., and his family. It is now owned by Middlesex County and serves as a museum. I don’t recall seeing a blue historical marker, but the House became part of the National Register of Historial Places on May 27, 1971. It also is part of the New Jersey Register of Historic Places.

When you visit, there is an interpretive path that tells the history of the home and the original village name of Raritan Landing. The interpretation comes from small metal structures depicting a scene. It leads from the back to a parking lot belonging to Rutger’s University. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to park there, but I did. Once you reach in front of the house, you can really appreciate what it must’ve been like during the time of the original owners. It’s pretty quiet up there already, so must’ve been more wooded and much more quiet. And it’s quite a site.

There is a “ghost” of the building, which is where the kitchen used to be. By this, you see the original building and then bricks surrounding the area and expanding the room. I have a picture below so you can see what I mean. Nothing supernatural here, just progress.

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