Ringwood Manor Victorian Christmas

This past December had some record-breaking (or at least in my lifetime record-breaking) warm weather. My friend, Alecia, and I had gone into NYC to see The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and I barely needed my winter coat. Consider this post your Christmas in July!

On December 12, 2015, I learned how to make my father’s family’s potato salad recipe that was used when his aunt and uncle owned Barth’s Deli back in the 1930s in Bergenfield. FYI Barth’s Deli is present-day Dan’s Deli, which is the high school mecca. Also on this very day, Ringwood Manor was hosting a Victorian Christmas event where you get to walk through the Manor and learn some history, while seeing how the home would have been traditionally decorated during various times, along with some Victorian and Edwardian fashions. You were also welcomed to walk around the property. It was in the 60s that day, so we got to really enjoy the grounds.

You are not permitted to take pictures inside the Manor so I actually listened and didn’t try to be sneaky with a “selfie.” I plan on coming back here, so I don’t want to have my picture on a poster with the words “Do not allow entrance” over it.

I won’t go into detail or link you to the history of the Manor, because I do plan on visiting again. Plus I bought a book that I need to read still. However, I will link the official Manor website so you can check for upcoming events.

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