Harmony Presbyterian Church and Graveyard

In the quaint town of Harmony stands this historic church and graveyard. The first church meetings were in the 1790s and was founded in 1807, then rebuilt in 1886. There’s a very curious sign on the building that reads “This plaque dedicated to the memory of all those souls who lie beneath this foundation.” Hmm…very curious.

As with many cemeteries, especially in this area it seems, there are Rev War, Civil War, and WWI soldiers buried here. It seems like in the cemeteries in Bergen County, there are usually Rev War and WWII soldiers/vets buried and not so many Civil War or WWI. I find this amazing, so don’t mind me. What I thought was pretty cool too was behind the church is also a road. Across from that is a cornfield. Reminded me very much of “Field of Dreams.”

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